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Sock Helper Will Help You Put Socks Comfortably


Did you put your socks on today? Did you have to think about whether you did or not? Sock Helper is ubiquitous especially for seniors.

The reason for this is because putting on our socks every day is the one thing we tend to take for granted.

Donning your feet with socks is as simple except when you have a disability that makes the daily task much harder than it should be.

For this reason, the help of a sock aid can significantly help you feel as though you’ve accomplished the task of putting on your socks with success.

A sock assist is a device created and designed to allow persons with disabilities to reach their feet to put their socks on without another person’s help.

Sock helpers are usually manufactured from flexible materials, like plastic, and they are attached to two handles made from either rope or cord.

Sock aid kit comes in various sizes, but due to their functional design, they can help whatever feet size you have.

There are even sock assist options that are specifically designed to work with compression socks and tights.


How Do You Use a Sock Helper?

Once you’ve chosen which sock assist device you’d like to try, you’ll need to learn how to use it properly to eliminate the problem with putting on socks.

Do not let it scare you. They are quite easy to use and understand. Below are the steps you should follow to use your sock aid correctly.


  1. Match the Sock with the Aid

When using your sock aid with you socks, be sure to have the sock and aid facing the same and right direction.

This will help your sock fit properly. Place the opening of the sock next to the end of the sock aid that is connected to the handles. This will ensure your sock and aid are oriented correctly.


  1. Place the Sock on the Aid

Hold the aid between your legs and use both hands to pull the sock onto the sock assistant.


  1. Double Check the Toe

Once you’ve successfully put the sock on the assistant, be sure that the toe of the sock is tight against the aid.

Sock Slider Review: Does it Work?

Sock Slider is a device that allows you to put on socks without bending over.

  1. Grab the Handles, then Drop the Aid

When you’re sure that the sock is secured firmly to the aid, hold the handles or rope with both hands, and let the aid drop to the floor.


  1. Insert Foot Into the Sock

Hold the handles tightly with both hands, then put your foot into the sock. Once your foot is in the sock, pull on the handles and push your foot in to ensure your toes are tight against the front of the sock.


sock assist


  1. Pull Aid Handles

Work the sock onto your foot by pulling on the handles of the sock aid. You may need to move your foot and leg around some to help with the process.


  1. Adjust Your Sock

You can now adjust your sock to make sure it is securely on your foot.


Top Sock Aids for Disabled

1. RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles

The RMS Deluxe Sock Aid is a reliable, inexpensive item to add to your equipment.

Their deluxe sock aid is made out of flexible plastic, and the shell is soft to the touch, which works great for those individuals with weakened hand strength to aid in sliding socks on much more comfortable.

Their rope handles are easily adjustable by tying knots in different areas of the rope. They are also equipped with slip-resistant foam pads, and the handles are ergonomically correct.

Each of the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid kit comes with easy-to-understand instructions as well as the sock itself.


2. Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid

The Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid is another affordable item that will not break your budget. It is made of latex-free plastic and has a contoured design. Its rope handles are easily adjustable depending on your personal needs.

The handles also have foam padding on them, so they are less likely to slip out of your hands when in use.

This product works for most foot sizes, and due to its design, it allows for a decreased amount of bending or straining while trying to put your socks on.

This also helps to prevent the risk of injury while you are using the product.


adaptive dressing equipment


3. AllStar Innovations Sock Slider

This product is designed more elaborately than the others on this list or the rest of the competition.

Unlike most sock aid implements, the All-star Innovations Sock Slider is made with a plastic cradle that also elevates your foot while you put your socks on.

To use this sock aid, you place your foot in the cradle, allow it to lower to the ground, then pull the handle to secure your sock on your foot.

The handle of this product is made to work just as a shoe horn would. Because of its design, the Sock Slider is much more versatile than some other products, and it works well with a variety of socks such as compression, dress, athletic, and casual.


Other Sock Helpers on the Market:

  • BodyHealth Sock AIDS
  • Kinsman Enterprises 32035 Easy-On/Easy-Off Sock Aid Kit
  • Sammons Preston No-Slip Sock aid
  • Sock Assist Device by Vive
  • Sock Aid Kit by RMS
  • Blue Jay Get Your Sock-On Formed Sock Aid
  • Vakly Flexible Sock Aids


Sock Helper Conclusion

Allowing for a sock aid in your budget can make a big difference in your daily dressing routine. With the aid of a sock assistant, you will no longer need to worry about bending the wrong way or causing yourself another injury when trying to put your socks on.

Be sure to look over all of the options available for you and decide which option would be the most beneficial to your personal needs. And if you liked that, then check out best waterproof socks.

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With the aid of a sock assistant, you will no longer need to worry about bending the wrong way or causing yourself another injury when trying to put your socks on.

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