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Water Resistant Socks To Keep Feet Always Dry


Socks are one of those accessories that always get overlooked. Water resistant socks have to strike a balance between protection and comfort.

There is nothing in the world worse than chilly, moist feet. Let’s say you’re out walking around in sneakers and get caught in a rainstorm.

At first, you say “meh, a little rain never hurt anyone” until 10 minutes later you’re a shivering and miserable.

Depending on your footwear selection that day, the first part of your body to succumb to elements is almost all the time your feet. It sucks.


Water Resistant Socks

If you simply need a membrane to maintain liquid out, you could always wrap a trash bag round your toes and bungee it closed. However don’t count on it to be pleasant.

You’ll want socks that can breathe, at least a little bit, and won’t hold in sweat since that can dampen your tour even on a dry day.


how do waterproof socks work


Whether you’re a hiker heading for the hills, a surfer off to catch a wave, or a yacht racer going out to win America’s Cup, or simply spend a lot of time around water, you will want waterproof socks.

To ensure you don’t have to cut a trip short or suffer throughout a whole day, you have to choose a pair of water-resistant socks.


Why Water Resistant Socks?

Is there something worse than rain or snow trickling into your boots and completely freezing your toes?

My reply is a powerful no, which is why I scoped out the perfect low-cost waterproof socks you should buy before the weather gets too crazy. To avoid freezing toes, moist, squishy footwear, purchase best waterproof socks available ASAP.

DexShell Waterproof Socks Review

An overview/review of Dexshell waterproof socks.

Sealskinz waterproof socks review

Just a quick kit review/test of sealskinz waterproof socks and how they can enhance those shoddy..leaky boots.

Water resistant socks are made of a material with hydrophobic molecules. That means water will run off the socks. The socks are designed to appear like standard cotton athletic socks, but the fibers are impregnated with hydrophobic materials referred to as ‘RainArmor’.

The water resistant socks are breathable and easily washable. The hydrophobic coating should help to maintain them clean by stopping mud and sticky water from adhering to the fabric.


Top 5 Best Waterproof Socks

Here are a few of best selling waterproof socks that are inexpensive and by buyer opinions worthy to purchase.



Pro: Excellent in keeping your feet dry
Con: Not so warm on cold days

No one likes to have soggy toes, that why these waterproof socks are just the ticket, with their ultralight breathable membrane and comfortable and flexible fabrics.

The high visibility colored cuff makes these ideal for those dark wet winter days. Perfect for: dog walking, running, hiking, cycling, and puddle jumping, etc.

Features of the DexShell Ultralite Sock

  • Waterproof and highly breathable
  • High Visibility Colored Cuff
  • Ultra-light weight in high visible color
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Outer shell: 96% nylon, 3% elastane, 1% cuff elastics
  • Interlining: Porelle waterproof breathable membrane
  • Inner sock:  80% cotton, 20% nylon



Pro: Exceptional sturdiness
Con: Mostly ugly colors

Dexshell is a relatively new firm, particularly within the United States. However, they’re more likely to be The Next Big Name in waterproof outdoor gear because they do more than simply offer gloves, socks, and equipment to keep you dry.

Dexshell Coolvent Waterproof Socks review

Their merchandise is treated with anti-bacterial liners to help maintain your foot healthily and kill off the nasty bugs that trigger foul, unsexy odors.

The outer shell from these socks is nylon that’s abrasion resistant, so they are going to last more even if you happen to wear them on grueling treks over mountains or through rainforests.

They have a Porelle breathable membrane as their internal layer which is also able to hold water out. They’re a steal, so snap them up before everybody finds out what a marvel they’re.



Pro: Keep your feet dry and are very comfortable
Con: Some my feel there are not warm enough

This is a mid calf size thermal sock, waterproof and extremely breathable. They’re comfortable with a moisture-wicking wool, acrylic, and nylon lining that cushions and warms from your toe to your calf.

The waterproof protection also has a breathable design, so you stay comfortable in your thermal socks. You can face the outdoors while staying warm in these amazing new socks.

The Merino wool terry loop piles cowl the complete within the sock, providing distinctive thermal safety.

Outer shell: 96% abrasion resistant nylon, 3 % elastane, 1% cuff elastics. Inner sock: 40% merino wool, 40% anti-pilling acrylic, 20% nylon.



Pro: Stretchable material
Con: Limited warmth retention

SealSkinz is the primary name in water resistant socks industry for good reason. They broke the mold once they designed footwear that was not solely capable of retaining water out, but also didn’t need to be worn with standard socks to be comfy.

They are composed of three layers that maintain you dry and warm while also wicking away sweat.

Sealskinz Waterproof Sock review

On the outside is a Lycra/Nylon Spandex layer that stretches to suit any foot and stay tight. The innermost layer is made from Coolmax yarn while an MVT membrane retains water out.

There isn’t any need to add a standard sock along with your SealSkinz water-resistant sock. Doing so can reduce their efficacy.

They present enough thermal protection for most, however in case you intend on kayaking some winter rapids, you may still need some supplementary layers, wool oversocks, or breakable heating pads so that you keep all your toes.

You might additionally attempt SealSkinz Chillblocker line although we don’t advocate them.



Pro: Very comfortable breathability
Con: Doesn’t work nicely when used for prolonged periods

Hanz owns SealSkinz, and one would think that they’d be identical. However, they aren’t. Most of the Hanz direct line are meant particularly to be worn with an inside sock for added heat and protection while most SealSkinz is geared to work as lone wolves.

The benefit to Hanz is they’re extra specialized, although usually insufficient when used alone. The all-season model is meant more for cyclists – both bike and motor – or hikers who will encounter a stream or have to ford a river.

Hard-core water sport lovers won’t get all of the waterproofing they want from these since they also use multiple materials with a waterproof membrane.

They breathe better than the rest so those with sweaty toes will discover sweet relief. You can discover thicker variations of Hanz for winter wear or more strictly waterproof variations if that’s what you want.

However for an accessory that works in summer season and winter, when paired with the appropriate sneakers, boots, and equipment – there is no such thing as a better wardrobe addition.


Should You Buy Water Resistant Socks?

There are few things capable of ruining a day trip and having to trudge around in moist socks is one of them. But the misery of squelching feet may turn out to be something of the past with the water resistant socks.

The material is impregnated with hydrophobic molecules to permit the socks to shed water, fruit juice, and even syrup.

Waterproof socks are handled with hydrophobic molecules to repel liquid. It prevents water from soaking into the fabric but also allows sweat to flee. Waterproof socks can also repel other substances like muddy water, milk and syrup.

Water-Resistant Socks Small Socks

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Keep Your Feet Dry!

There are few things capable of ruining a day trip and having to trudge around in moist socks is one of them. But the misery of squelching feet may turn out to be something of the past with the water resistant socks.

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