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Best Portable Dog Grooming Table For All Your Pet Needs


Pet owners understand that a proper portable dog grooming table is beneficial.

Especially for those pets with long hair, or hair that needs extra maintenance.

Having the appropriate grooming table for dogs can make all the difference in the world.

Whether you’re a pet owner that needs to groom your pet or a mobile pet groomer opening their own business, consider purchasing a high-quality portable grooming table.

Without it, grooming works such as dematting a dog’s hair or trimming its nails become a lot harder.


Qualities of Good Portable Dog Grooming Table

When you begin your search for a grooming table, look for those made of higher quality as opposed to lower quality. Higher quality tables may be harder on the budget, but those of lower quality can be dangerous to you or your pet.

Understanding the difference between the two is one of the top pieces of knowledge you will need to purchase the portable grooming table that fits your needs.

Essential qualities to look for when shopping around for your best grooming table include:


1. Adjustable height – the best tables will have the ability to adjust the height of the platform.

Tables that have this option are helpful for persons that groom multiple dogs at once as well as allowing you easier access to every side of your pet, along with making the grooming experience more comfortable for both yourself and your pet.


2. Adjustable arms and loops – these tools help you to keep your dog in place for longer grooming sessions, because no matter how well-behaved they are, standing in place for extended periods can discourage them from being groomed.

This is especially true if they are afraid of the noises that may occur when being groomed.


3. Easy to clean – any good portable grooming table should be easy to clean when you are finished with it. Those tables with cracks or crevices can get dirty fast.

Grooming tables with smoother surfaces and corners are much easier to clean up. Keep in mind, also, get a mat that is easy to remove and can be adequately washed after each use.


4. Non-slip surfaces – higher-quality grooming tables have a soft rubber, non-slip surface that keeps pets safe from sliding off the table. They also help keep paws comfortable and are not slippery when your dog gets wet.


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6 Best Dog Grooming Tables 2019


5. Sturdy, but lightweight – you should be able to move dog grooming stand around with little to no effort.

Be sure to purchase a lightweight but sturdy table to perform grooming on. You do not want a flimsy, cheaply made grooming table that falls apart quickly.


6. Shelving or a basket beneath – right, high-quality grooming tables include a basket or shelving below it for extra storage of towels and other grooming tools needed.

Slotted shelves work the best since they do not collect water.


7. Rubber capped feet – excellent, high-quality tables will come with rubber capped feet to prevent damage to floors and to keep the table in place on slippery floors. Tables with rubber capped feet offer better stability than those without.


Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables

After researching, we have found the top five portable grooming tables available in the marketplace. They are all of higher quality than the competition and should help you decide on the best table for your dog grooming needs.


1. BestPet Large Adjustable Pet Dog Grooming Table

The BestPet Large Adjustable Pet Grooming Table works best for the non-professional groomer and dog owners who have dogs with higher maintenance long hair such as Border Collies, Chow-Chows, Akitas, Cocker Spaniels, and more breeds.


best dog grooming table


It is one of the least expensive options on this list but has some endearing qualities that make the entire grooming experience easier for pups and their parents.

Features of this product include:

  • An adjustable arm that is 30 inches long.
  • With its collapsible design, it allows for easy breakdown, easy setup, easy storage, making it easy to transport when needed.
  • The material used is rust resistant steel allowing for the longevity of the table.
  • The corners of the table are also rounded for additional safety.


2. Giantex Large Portable Pet Grooming Table

The Giantex Grooming Table is ideal for use at home and smaller scale professionals. It is considered a mid-level table. Its legs can be folded under it, helping with more accessible storage in small places like your car or a closet.


dog grooming table review


Features of the Giantex grooming table include:

  • A clamp on the arm that can be moved anywhere around the table to make its use easier. The arm helps with better arm positioning as well.
  • Also includes a mesh tray for holding all of the essential tools needed for grooming.
  • Rubber capped legs help avoid damage to the floor.
  • The design is sleeker and more attractive than many of the competition.


3. Flying Pig Super Durable Heavy Duty Folding Grooming Table

Use of the Flying Pig Super Durable Grooming Table is ideal for both amateur groomers or professional groomers. If you’re looking for a durable, heavy duty, high-quality grooming table, the Flying Pig table is the one to choose.


large dog grooming table


The features of this incredible grooming table include:

  • The frame is made of rust-resistant steel with a 330 lb. weight capacity, and works well for large breed dogs.
  • A heavy-duty adjustable arm with a loop of 45 inches around.
  • Includes a metal storage basket to hold essential grooming tools.
  • The rubber mat has a bone-shaped pattern that will keep your pup safe from slipping off the platform.
  • Is available in three different colors, black, blue and orange for you to choose from.


4. Flying Pig Bone Pattern Grooming Table

The Flying Big brand also includes this bone pattern grooming table for your furry clients. Most of the ones on this list are rectangular as the most common grooming tables are, but the grooming surfaces of this product is shaped like a one.


small dog grooming table


Features of the Flying Big Bone Pattern table include:

  • Bone pattern texture with a non-skid mat offering safety and comfort for clients during a grooming session.
  • Comes with an adjustable grooming arm and loop that is stainless steel and foldable.
  • Available in three sizes to choose from, small, medium, and large.


5. Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table

Master Equipment Grooming Table, is much different than the others on this list. Instead of being a portable table that stands on the floor, it is a table-top model.

It is also not ideal for professional groomers and is manufactured specifically for smaller dog breeds.


round pet grooming table


For pet parents of small dogs in need of constant grooming, this table is a perfect choice.

Features of this table include:

  • A rotating top that is 18 inches in diameter, allowing for you to groom your dog on all sides, and he or she doesn’t have to move.
  • A textured rubber mat for a safe and comfortable place to stand for your dog during a grooming session.
  • It also comes with rubber feet to avoid damage to table tops.
  • Available in three color choices, blue, purple, and black.


How to Choose the Right Dog Grooming Table?

As you can see, there are several options to consider before purchasing a grooming table for your home or grooming business. There are just a few of the choices available to you, and you should consider looking at other options as well.

When considering the type of grooming table you want to purchase, be sure to notice the structure of the frame, height adjustments if available, grooming arms, grooming loops, adjustable arms or not, storage baskets or containers for grooming tools, and any other options that are available for the table you choose.

By comparing multiple tables and their versatile features, you can be sure to choose the right table for your personal needs as well as your pets or clients.

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When considering the type of grooming table you want to purchase, be sure to notice the structure of the frame, height adjustments if available, grooming arms, grooming loops, adjustable arms or not, storage baskets or containers for grooming tools, and any other options that are available for the table you choose.

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