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Ice Screen Magnetic Windshield Cover Will Save You Time


Ice Screen magnetic windshield cover screens connect to your vehicle using high strength magnets.

They cover your windshield completely and stay put during storms, rain, snow to make sure your windshield stays snow and ice-free.

Ice Screen car and truck window covers help you spend less time in the cold and no more need to scrape your windshield or frozen hand and feet.

It snaps onto your car’s canopy using powerful magnets providing windshield protection from frost and ice during cold weather.

What is The Purpose of Ice Screen?

The purpose of the iceScreen windscreen protector is to cover your windshield, and possibly your side mirrors depending on the product you select, to prevent snow and ice from building up.

Just cover your windshield and remove it later. The major pitfall is that it does not cover every window on your car. You still may have to scrape your back or side windows.

The iceScreen can also be used as a sunshade in the summer to keep your car from getting too hot if parked in direct sunlight.

However, a regular sun shade is likely more straightforward and faster to install every time you park, but if you already own the iceScreen, that saves you some bucks.

The Magnetic iceScreen windshield cover doesn’t come with many manual instructions.

iceScreen Deluxe Magnetic Windshield Cover Review

One-fourth of a piece of computer paper, with printing on both sides. One side explains some of the extra features of the iceScreen, while other details of the installation process.

Installing the iceScreen is easier with the help of a second person, especially in windy weather. The main body of the product has four magnets, one in each corner of the trapezoidal tarp.

These adhere to the four corners of your windshield, on the metal frame of your car. You can then slip the mittens over your side mirrors, tighten the drawstrings, and tuck them into your car doors. For extra adherence, you can use the two suction cups provided in the kit.


Ice Screen Quality

iceScreen magnetic windscreen cover is made of tarp-like fabric that does not look particularly special upon first glance. But it holds up well to snow and ice and is resistant to precipitation sticking to it.

The Deluxe Plus version also upgrades the primary magnets to triple-strength, reinforced magnets which will tightly hold throughout a very windy night.

The suction cups are also included with the product but are little harder to get to stick in the cold weather. The mirror covers (“mittens”) are especially beneficial. Ice Screen windshield frost cover also has a “theft proof” feature.

To prevent someone from removing the iceScreen from your windshield, you can take the drawstrings attached to each of the mirror covers and tuck them into your car door.

They have plastic balls on the end that would, in theory, get caught inside the door if someone tried to remove the strings. But if someone is that motivated to steal iceScreen, they probably wouldn’t mind taking a knife or scissors and cutting through the weak strings.


Ice Screen Magnetic Windshield Cover Final Words

You’ll want to pay attention to the sizing when ordering one online for ease of installation, but it will probably work fine even without a right size fit. Could the product be improved? Certainly. More strategically-placed magnets would be beneficial.

Theft prevention feature could be improved with cut-resistant material. But as it stands now, the iceScreen does precisely what it claims to do.

And for many who hate having to clear their cars in the morning, it is an absolute blessing. Another useful tool for your car is moki doorstep which makes easier to reach rooftop of your car.

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9.1 Total Score

The purpose of the iceScreen windscreen protector is to cover your windshield, and possibly your side mirrors, to prevent snow and ice from building up.

Easy to Use
Coverage Area
Size and Weight
Overall Quality
  • Looks great even on luxury cars and sports cars
  • Also protects from tree sap, rain and bird “presents”
  • Flips over for reflective windshield sun shade
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents windshield icing
  • Sticks to your car using magnets
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to store and fold
  • It does not cover every window on your car
  • Theft proof feature doesnt exactly work
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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