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Spider Catcher Will Keep Your Home Spider And Bug Free


If killing spiders appear inhumane to you, consider spider catcher, a tool that makes possible to simply catch and then release spiders or bugs somewhere far from your home.

For most people spiders and bugs are seen as uninvited guests. However, that does not mean they deserve a death sentence for getting into unknown territory.

This tool was invented by Irish entrepreneur Tony Allen, whose son has a fear of spiders.

Best Way to Get Rid of Spiders Without Touching Them
Best Way to Get Rid of Spiders Without Touching Them
Catch and remove spiders without doing them any harm - and from a safe distance.This kit comes with a plastic practice spider so you can get used to catching them even with your eyes shut.

The tool’s long pole permits the user to reach the spiders, and squeezing the handle will open the plastic bristles, which constrict around the target and keep it from running off.

Once the spider is apprehended, the user can release the bug outdoors where it belongs far from your house.


What Is Spider Catcher?

Scared of 8 legged freaks? Spiders give you the heebie jeebies? Are you in search of one thing that will help you take away spiders from your property without the need to kill them?

Is your goal to remove spider and take it outdoors in your backyard? Wouldn’t be nice to have a spider free residence? Am I done with this questions?buy best spider catcher tool

Well fear not, you can now easily dispose of unwanted critters and insects at arms length with handy little device.

Say hello to the Spider Catcher, a handy little device that allows you to rid your home of those evil eight-legged critters without having to resort to squashing them in tissue.

With the Spider Catcher, you can eradicate spiders safely while keeping yourself at arm’s size and never having to the touch them.

Works great and easy to use. so much better than squashing bugs or hunting around for a cup and a piece of cardboard. – Buyer

No need to call another person to take away spiders, no extra rolled up newspaper, no killing or harming spiders and no stains when you splash them on the wall.

With the spidercatcher, you will have a protected spider removing system at your fingertips! You can free your property of spiders, enormous or small, and relocate them.

You will be happy, and the spiders will be happy too. This is the award winning design. It is quick and easy to use.

It works cleanly and quickly, and it doesn’t harm the spider making it an environmentally friendly and humane option.

It’s perfect for hard to reach places such as ceilings or corners. Simply pull the trigger to open bristles.

Then release the trigger to close bristles while harmlessly trapping the spider. This will allow you to capture and transport them safely and efficiently.


Do You Need Spider Catcher?

The Spider Catcher is the world’s simplest and most innovative way to catch spiders and other insects safely without hurting the spider or having to touch it.

If you dislike spiders (or other insects) in your house and want to remove them without harm, all you need is the Spider Catcher.

As already mentioned, it works by gently surrounding the spider (or insect) with bristles allow you to pick it up and release it outside. spider catchers tools

The long pole features a set of spiny bristles which captures the spider as you release the trigger. The spider catcher can also be used on wasps, bees, and other stinging insects.

Poison free doesn’t require cleaning. The Spider Catcher is approximately 65cm in length so you can approach the spider from a safe distance.

The Spider Catcher is approximately 65cm in length so you can approach the spider from a safe distance.


Spider Catcher Features:

  • Bug Catcher – the environmentally friendly way to remove spiders and insects from your house
  • Catch and hold/transport spiders or other insects without hurting them (or you!)
  • Plastic ‘grabber’ handle and rod, nylon ‘grabber’ bristles
  • Comes with clear bristle protector

This really really works. It’s given me a confidence with Spiders I’ve never had. Now, I am in complete control of my home environment.

I always shuddered at the idea of killing a spider, and likewise shudder remembering the few time’s i’ve used “the cup and paper “method that resulted in the escape of a huge spider rapidly across my arm. – Buyer


Create Spider and Bug-Free Zone With Spider Catcher

So what gives this device a leg up? Instead of killing a spider (or wasp, grasshopper, roach, scorpion or any of the other pests the gadget’s site claims to be able to nab) this product allows one to catch and release.

The no-kill device is also appealing to people who have a fear of creepy crawlers, being that it’s on a 25.5-inch-long stick, which offers plenty of distance between human and bug. The device measures about 25.5 inches, which is the average length of an arm.

The tool for spider lovers and haters alike

Whether you’re deathly afraid of crawly insects or an avid believer in their right to live, this handheld bug catcher is for you.

So, if you’re holding it, you can estimate that you’ll be about two arm’s lengths or four feet away from the critter (far enough to help ease the anxiety a little bit).

To catch it, simply squeeze the handle, and the gentle bristles will open. Position them around the bug and release the handle so that the bristles will close it.

Your unwanted house guest will be stuck in there until you squeeze the handle again to release him outside in his natural habitat.

I don’t recommend using this device on fragile winged creatures like butterflies, or soft-bodied creatures like caterpillars, or anything that could be easily crushed or punctured by the filaments (Daddy-Long-Legs spiders are harmless and I just capture them by hand).

It works on centipedes, beetles and large spiders. Just be gentle and don’t snap the thing too hard on them. – Buyer

This way allows you to avoid a mess on the walls, get to hard-to-reach places and have peace-of-mind knowing that you haven’t hurt an innocent creature.

The website says it works for pretty much any small pest you can imagine: roaches, bees, worms, moths, grasshoppers, etc. This spider catcher is a must have for anyone with a fear of spiders!

Spider Catcher is ideal for campers, caravaners, gardeners or boating enthusiasts who love the outdoor life but don’t enjoy being overrun by insects.

It has been tested on hundreds of spiders and never harmed a single one. It is gentle enough to catch daddy-long-legs, butterflies and moths without hurting their delicate legs or wings.

The ingenious device enables you to pick up spiders at arms reach and then put them safely outside without harming them. A must for all those folk who suffer from arachnophobia! Some people use bug spray, and some use spider catcher.

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9.2 Total Score

The world’s friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders. Easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths and crane flies without harming them. Long arm keeps you at a safe and comfortable distance and reaches up to ceilings and corners. Must-have gadget for arachnophobes, nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you dislike spiders or other insects in your house and want to remove them without harm then all you need is the Spider Catcher. It works by surrounding the spider with bristles that close around the spider, the bristles harmlessly trap the spider, to allow you to pickup and release the spider outside.

Easy to use
Overal quality
  • Innovative way to catch insects
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Stick could be longer
  • Problems in catching medium and small insects
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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