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Increase Productivity And Entertainment With Dual Monitor


If you’re looking for easy ways to improve your computing experience, you should consider getting a dual monitor. When you hook two monitors up to a computer, an interesting thing happens.

Suddenly you’ll spend a lot less time flipping through open files, programs, and e‑mails, hunting for what you need. You’ll soon realize how much time you used to waste switching windows and looking for things.

You’ll then ask yourself, “How did I ever get by with just one monitor?” If you have never tried dual monitors at once, you’re missing out.


Why Use Dual Monitor?

Everyone with two monitors can’t imagine going back to one screen. Some people think it’s extravagant to buy a pair of monitors for one computer.

If you’ve checked prices on flat-panel monitors, you might be surprised how affordable they’ve become. Keep an eye on e‑mail on one screen, while you work on a document or check a website on the other display.

How you use two monitors depends on what you do with your PC and how you like to work. The possibilities are almost endless. Here are just a few ways to use dual monitor:

  • View a different document or spreadsheet on each monitor. Refer to one while you’re working on the other or drag information between them

  • Look up information in a web browser on one monitor while composing an e‑mail message or document on the other

  • Edit photos or videos on one screen, while you keep a folder of your photos or video clips open on the other

Some programs are designed to spread their menus over a second monitor if you have one.

These tend to be programs with a lot of options and controls that are easier to use with more screen space, such as photo-editing or video-editing software.

Some photo programs let you put the editing controls on one monitor while you view the photo at full-screen size on the other monitor.


Play On Dual Monitor

A dual-monitor setup doesn’t just make you more productive and efficient at work. It can also help you have more fun. For example, you might keep your music collection open on one monitor, while you surf the web on the other.

Or play a game on one monitor, while you check your e‑mail or send instant messages to your friends on the other. Many games let you take advantage of two or even three monitors. More monitors, more fun!


One Big Monitor Or Two Smaller Ones?

Many wonder if it’s better to use one big monitor or two smaller ones. This depends on cost, personal preference, and how you use your monitors. For most people, two smaller monitors are a better choice than one large monitor.

If you work with big spreadsheets, you might prefer one large monitor that can display more rows and columns at once. Professional photographers also love huge monitors for their ability to display photos as large as possible.


Dual Monitor Final Words

Research has found that multiple monitors significantly increases productivity and reduce errors. Experience the advantage of dual monitors, multitask better, compare documents and information. Do more in less time.

Two displays can be combined almost seamlessly to give the feeling of having one large display.

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Great Experience

Having a dual monitor setup provides more screen space. This can be very useful for increasing productivity. Two monitors can be configured to either show the same image or give you a much larger desktop.

Easy to setup
Overall experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Can use multiple programs simultaneously
  • Easier sharing data between applications
  • Amazing experience
  • More potential for distraction
  • Resources of the video card are divided between each display
  • Can occupy desk space
  • Price
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